RMC Virement

We can do virement to sodo up to 50% from the original budget.

I’m busy…

with updating the FC, CS, PCRG website that I'm neglecting my own. … [Continue reading]

A new journey

Saya sedang bergelumang dengan data dan nombor. I like!!!   Current Tasks: APAR 2017 2016/2017 PLO analysis PLO mapping & iCGPA workshop new course outline template   Next Agenda: CS student's club CS … [Continue reading]

Heading and Styles

The heading is using multilevel list of UTM Thesis BM or UTM Thesis English. Just press enter and choose the appropriate Heading style (example 1.1 is Heading 2) and the list will automatically arranged itself. How to create Multilevel … [Continue reading]

Common Questions

If your Introduction doesn't want to stay centered INTRODUCTION{ TC " 1   INTRODUCTION" \f C \l "2"} INTRODUCTION <- Normal Style. { TC " 1   INTRODUCTION" \f C \l "2"} <- Chapter Title How to change Heading 1 Title from Chapter to … [Continue reading]