This project aims to realize the vision of future campus security with the utilization of drone technology. The Jagadrone consists of robust long-range communication, cloud computing technology, web-based software and supports integration with the existing UTM’s GTS system. The application of Jagadrone can offer a more comprehensive campus security solution by providing added capabilities in the form of aerial surveillance and patrolling for a large campus with hard-to-reach, high-risk locations as well as being the first responder to campus emergencies. This feature will be available in both manual and autonomous modes. Other features include eye-in-the-sky with real-time video streams and images, auto return to charging pad, first aid kit transporter, environmentally friendly with carbon-free emission, and low-noise propulsion system.

FrameHexacopter 680 mm (diagonal size)
Frame arm thickness16 mm
Frame kit material3K carbon fiber
Weight3800g (include battery and propeller)
Propulsion system360kV brushless motor with 1344 carbon fiber propeller
40A continuous current/ 60A burst current
ControllerPixhawk 4 (Main control chip STM32F765)
GyroscopeICM-20689/ BMI055
Stabilization3-axes (yaw, pitch and roll)
Satellite positioning systemGPS/GLONASS
BatteryLithium polymer 12,000 mAh 6s 15C
FirmwareArdupilot Copter 4.0.7
Maximum speed15 ms-1
Maximum tilt angle42o
Ceiling service100m AGL
Maximum wind speed resistance10 m/s
Flight time30 minutes
Operating temperature0-40Co
Remote controllerComputer dashboard
Communication system4g coverage (telemetry, image, flight command and control)
CameraIP camera,
4M, 1080p/ 60fps
10 mm- 300 mm focus distance
10x optical zoom
66.6-7.2o diagonal FOV
Auto exposure compensition and white balance
Gimbal-120 degree to +15 degree
Videomp4/ MOV (AVC/H.264; HEVC/ H.265)
12V with 250mA, 365 grams
Obstacle avoidance8 sensors in 360° around the hexacopter
Range: *0.5m up to 60m
Update rate: Up to 120Hz per sensor
Output resolution: 0.5cm below 14m, 2cm from 14m
Accuracy: ±4cm in the first 14m, 1.5%
above 14m
Size: 120 (D) mm x 42 (H) mm
Eye safety: Yes (in accordance with IEC62471)
Field of view: 2° per sensor, 45°between each sensor axis
Person in-chargeScope
Prof. Dr. Sr. Anuar AhmadDrone Aerial Surveillance Policy Paper for Legislation Consideration
Ir. Dr.-Ing. Mohd Nazri bin Mohd NasirDevelopment of high endurance and fully- automated multirotor Unmanned Aerial System
Dr. Rozeha binti RashidDevelopment of a robust communication system for multirotor Unmanned Aerial System
Prof. Dr. Ruzairi bin Abdul RahimIntegrated Campus-Activities Monitoring System (ICAMS)