The Urban Placemaking studio focuses on the student’s ability and skills in gathering, analysis and synthesis of data. Students will need to prepare appropriate survey instruments, analysis and synthesis techniques. These processes are crucial in determining the validity of a study before they can design a proposal on how to improve and enhance the existing ambience of a city area. The scope of study will cover the socio-economic and physical aspects – street layouts, transportation facilities, physical image, existence of undesirable elements and policy aspect. At the end of this course, based on their finding from the survey stage, students should be able to propose a solution for the poorly-utilised or unused land or space, traffic congestion etc., in order to ensure residents and visitors can effectively use the limited space in cities without compromising their safety and comfort.
SBEW 2235

Studio 3: Urban Place Making

This course introduces students to the philosophy, theory and practices of regional and rural planning. It focuses on basic understanding of the substantive and procedural knowledge of regional and rural planning and examining the practices of regional and rural planning in Malaysia and a few selected countries in Europe and Asia.
SBEW 2443

Regional and Rural Planning

This course examines the theory and principles of rural economic development; analyses trends and outlook of the rural economy according to sectors; discusses issues and prospects of Malaysia’s rural economy; appraise the rural economic development strategy and its impact. Students will also be exposed to case studies of economic analysis in a rural region and how economic strategies were articulated in spatial planning.
SBEW 3173

Rural Economic Development