Mohd Ridza bin Mohd Haniffah

Born  May 1984. As of 2016, I am 32 years old. Still have not achieve anything big except my Dphil.

Pure Science student during my secondary school and matriculation (Melaka).

Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering UTM (Dissertation on On-Bottom stability analysis and design of submarine pipeline)

Master Degree in Civil Engineering (Structure) UTM (Project on Finite element formulation for free vibration of composite beams) – yes, i changed from matters that can withstand stresses to matters that cannot

Dhil in Engineering Science University of Oxford (Thesis on Wave evolution on gentle slopes: statistical analysis and Green-Naghdi modelling)

Married with two kids.

Love to play football (once a week futsal with FKA staff), jog (twice a year), playing games (used to be a heavy gamer. if only i continued playing DOTA, would have won millions by now. But now, no time to lose.), work (haha), spending my evening with my family and the TV (herm).

Straight Degree to Masters to DPhil with only 1 year gap as a tutor teaching Fluid Mechanics.

Teaching Courses such as Fluid Mechanics, Laboratory Experiment and Computational Fluid Mechanics (Basic).

That is all for now!

Ridza July 2016