Doctor of Philosophy

Main Supervisor

  1. Farnaz Arab, Phd, Video Watermarking Technique, – Finish, Graduate December 2014
  1. Reza Aghababaeyan, Phd, Novel Method for Reversible Watermarking Using Wavelet Technique, –  Viva on 25 November 2014, correction is on going
  1. Sasan Karamizadeh, Phd, Integration of Race and Illumination Technique in Face Recognition, – Semester 5.
  1. Sharifah Nida Maria binti Syed Jaaar,, Phd, Digital Image Watermarking, – Semester 5.
  2. Amir Hesam Yaribakht, Phd, Pattern Recognition in Transform Domain Technique, – Semester 4.
  3. Masaud Ghorbanian,Phd,Personalized Recommendation Model of Big data by Using Long Tail Scheme, Semester 4
  4. Ahmad Sabhan Rafsanjani, Phd, Improvement of Accuracy by using Multimodal Biometric Scheme,Semester 2
  5. Arwa Abdullah Aalshaya, Phd, Computer Forensic and Data Hiding, Sem 1
  6. Mohamed Awadh Hamood Alqatabi, Phd, Wireless detection and Prevention, Semester 1

Phd Co-Supervisor

  1. Haitham Ameen Noman Alani, Phd, Improvement of Database Watermarking, – Semester 4.
  2. Jafar Shayan, Phd, Identification and Removal Illegal Multimedia Document, Semester 4
  3. Mohamed Javad Rafsanjani, Phd, Temper Detection in Video Watermarking, Semester 4.