New Academia Learning Innovation (NALI) 2020

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

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Have you heard the word NALI? Do you know what is it? In UTM, we as a lecturers are encouraged to implement NALI in our teaching and learning. The word NALI is stand for New Academic Learning Innovation. It is a framework comprising the student-centered and blended learning in creating meaningful and interactive learning activities, environment to the students.

NALI in UTM was held twice started from 2018 and 2019….Hey, I’m gonna tell you a secret! NALI 2020 is coming this December with a very interesting theme which called “Future Ready Educators”!!.

The theme of NALI 2020 is “Future Ready Educators” with a special focus on developing educators who could deliver education to everyone, anytime and anywhere, even during global pandemics and natural disasters.

Hey, Are you excited? Me too!!

So, what are you waiting for?? If you are a teacher, lecturer, academician, educator please feel free to participate NALI 2020 with us! Lets share our knowledge, gain new knowledge, build our confident, discussing, make friends and connections through NALI 2020 platform.

If you wanna more about NALI 2020 and register, you may visit this link -> NALI 2020.

See you there!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.-Nelson Mandela”


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Academic Calender UTM 2020/2021

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

New semester will start soon? Are you ready??

Are you searching for UTM academic calendar 2020/2021?

You may click here to find out!


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Go away Stress!-We had a great time!

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Stress? Tired? Hmm, how to relieve stress?? What will you do to make your stress go away…? Actually, there’s a lot of things that we can do to reduce our stress. According to the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, as a human, we need to have optimum stress in our daily life so that it could enhance our productivity of work and increase our motivation. Figure 1 shows the relationship between Stress and Performance. (Reference: Stress Management)

Figure 1: Stress Hans Selve Graft

So, this graft gives us a guideline on how to manage our stress and at the same time make sure that we can give our best performance in doing our job.

Talking about stress, by having a hectic month and weeks, my friends and I have planned to relieve our stress by having an outdoor activities. Sound good and fun right? Yes, of course! We took the opportunity on a public holiday, September 16, 2020. We took part in the Zipline 260 meters, abseiling, suspended brigde and ATV activities. We had so much fun and great time!

Let the pictures tell the story….. check it out!

It is important to balance our life between work and personal life. We know when we stressed out because we can feel changes in our body and mind! Having a good time doing an outdoor activities will blew away the stress. If we don’t have time for outdoor, what else can we do? How to lower the stress? Here are some activities we could do; e.g: talk to someone, try to manage time properly, get more sleep, listen to music, eat right, do simple exercise, taking health supplements, reduce caffeine, spend time with family and etc.

Be happy, enjoy our life and cherish every moment we have…. see you in the next entry!



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NALI 2019-Memorable Experienced

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

In NALI 2019, I am one of the committee members with the Protocol portfolio. Our team  need to make sure the program run smoothly and everything is in order. Thanks to Allah because NALI 2019 team members are awesome and very helpful. I am really appreciate to be part of the NALI 2019.

Other than being the committee of NALI 2019, I did not miss the opportunity to participate in the program organized by NALi 2019. So today I just wanna share write a short memorable experienced story when my student and I participated in NALI 2019 last year.

It started with one phone call and my Phd student agree to collaborate. I am so excited since this will be my first time to participate in the competition with my PhD student, even though I’m just Co-SV only hehe. What is more important,  it is expected that my student could enhance her confident level, communication skills and can build connection with other participants throughout the program.

In NALI 2019, we participated in the NALI Exhibition and Competition. She end up with a brilliant product which was called X-Bar Application in Problem Solving for Primary School students. Alhamdulillah, we won GOLD MEDAL!!

A big thank you to Dr Siti Mastima from UKM and PM Dr Abdul Halim (main SV) from UTM because of the support and guidance.

Alhamdulillah! We won Gold Medal 😀

Closing Ceremony of NALI 2019

This is our NALI 2019 buddies!

Hopefully more memorable memories will come after this.

Education is not a problem, Education is an OPPORTUNITY! – Lyndon B. Johnson


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Assalamualaikum and hi!

I have wrote an article about the International Sit In Teaching Practice Program 2020.

Feel free to read the article here .



FSSH Togetherness Day – Unite Through Nature

Assalamualaikum & Hi Everyone!

I have always enjoyed the outdoors ever since I was little. The FSSH togetherness day was held  at the Hutan Rekreasi UTM was a great experience for me. Being around nature, it gives me opportunity to appreciate the environment that Allah has created for us.

It was refreshing to be outside and away from work for a while. Lots of activities have been prepared and it was so fun and enjoyable. We have been divided into several groups and the team that I got was awesome! We cooked, built the tent, do all the games together and always help one another. The activities teaches me: “when we unite and have the same aims and goals will drive us to achieve something better and great as a team.


Throughout the activities, it proves that working together, support each other, knowing our team members strength and weakness will eventually makes the bond between the team members even more stronger.

Being together as the FSSH team, such a great pleasure for me.

The togetherness day exceeded all of my expectations and it was an awesome experienced.


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Statistics Class 2019/2020-Keep Calm and Enjoy!

Assalamualaikum & Hi!

Mathematics?? Statistics?? A big NO for some students. Majority students will feel bored, lazy and anxiety when they registered for Mathematics class. So, I took this negative stigma as a challenge for me!

I do remember entering the class and saw there were local and international students in front of me. I’m so nervous and at the same time it motivates me to give my very best to them. My aims is to make my class easy to understand and I want my students to enjoy all the teaching and learning process, discussion and activities that I’ve prepared for them.

My beloved students from Malaysia, Afghanistan and China

I do enjoy teaching them and they are very supportive and active during the lesson. Even though they are my students, I would rather treat them as my friend so that the teaching and learning process will be more relax and enjoyable.

During our extra class.

I plan to do an extra class for them during weekend and guess what?? Full house. They sit in a small groups and help one another. Statistics would be so fun and easy to learn when you get support from the classmate.

Our last class.

Thank you for being my students and love to ask so many questions.  Thanks God, I can answer all the questions 😀 Haha. I hope that all of you will success and have a good life ahead. I believe BRIGHT FUTURE IS AHEAD OF YOU. Continue to make me proud.


Thanks for all the delicious food. See you again!

Don’t be afraid of moving. The future is bright. Good Luck for your next semester!

I wish nothing but the best for you!


Dr. N.


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Happy New Year 2020!

2019: Thank you for the lesson.

2020: Let’s Do This…

Publications. Grants. Consultations. Supervisions. Teaching. Conferences. Happiness. Success. Believe. Prosperity. Bless. Work Smart. Travel. Family. Love. Friends. Focus. Health. Wealth. Exercise. Confident. Momentum. Active. Fashion. Laugh. Leisure.


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Hi everyone!

Imej yang berkaitan

You may click this link ->  Academic Calendar 2019/2020 to save any important dates!

Stay focus and keep moving towards your goals!

Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you-MistyCopeland #DNAUTM


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Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Study week for the UTM students will be started tomorrow! It means that the FINAL EXAM is just around the corner!! Fuhh.  So, as a student you have to manage and plan your time wisely.

Here are 10 tips that I applied during my study time! Hopefully it can help you.

  1. Pray & dua – After perform your prayers, do not stop making dua to Allah.
  2. Mark the exam date on the calendar – Make sure all the important dates for each subjects you list out and mark on calendar in your phone or planner! If you don’t do this, you might miss the date!
  3. Plan your time – To-do-list is a MUST! and don’t forget to set the time limits for each of the subjects.
  4. Study everyday – Please continue study EVERY DAY at least 3 or 4 hours in order to keep a good momentum towards the final exam! Last minute studying and cramming does not help!
  5.  Study like examination style – Set time and try to answer the questions/do the revision within the time like in the final exam!
  6. Ask for help – If you stuck, do not hesitate to ask your lecturer or friends. Talk to your friends and lecturer anything that you do not understand. If cannot solve any past year exam, ask ask and ask!
  7. Take a break – A break is a must! Do not push your self too hard in order to achieve your aims. You might face stress, depression if you cannot achieve your goals! Be realistic and make sure you have your own time/ “me time”. Take a break, relax and enjoy your life too!
  8. Eat well – Make sure you eat healthy and good food! Do not eat too much because it can lead to weight gain and make you lost focus in study! You will feel tired and sleepy!
  9. Get enough sleep – A good night sleep will probably give you energy and will make you to be more focused on the next day. So don’t stay all the night to study!


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