Statistics Class 2019/2020-Keep Calm and Enjoy!

Assalamualaikum & Hi!

Mathematics?? Statistics?? A big NO for some students. Majority students will feel bored, lazy and anxiety when they registered for Mathematics class. So, I took this negative stigma as a challenge for me!

I do remember entering the class and saw there were local and international students in front of me. I’m so nervous and at the same time it motivates me to give my very best to them. My aims is to make my class easy to understand and I want my students to enjoy all the teaching and learning process, discussion and activities that I’ve prepared for them.

My beloved students from Malaysia, Afghanistan and China

I do enjoy teaching them and they are very supportive and active during the lesson. Even though they are my students, I would rather treat them as my friend so that the teaching and learning process will be more relax and enjoyable.

During our extra class.

I plan to do an extra class for them during weekend and guess what?? Full house. They sit in a small groups and help one another. Statistics would be so fun and easy to learn when you get support from the classmate.

Our last class.

Thank you for being my students and love to ask so many questions.  Thanks God, I can answer all the questions 😀 Haha. I hope that all of you will success and have a good life ahead. I believe BRIGHT FUTURE IS AHEAD OF YOU. Continue to make me proud.


Thanks for all the delicious food. See you again!

Don’t be afraid of moving. The future is bright. Good Luck for your next semester!

I wish nothing but the best for you!


Dr. N.


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