FSSH Togetherness Day – Unite Through Nature

Assalamualaikum & Hi Everyone!

I have always enjoyed the outdoors ever since I was little. The FSSH togetherness day was held  at the Hutan Rekreasi UTM was a great experience for me. Being around nature, it gives me opportunity to appreciate the environment that Allah has created for us.

It was refreshing to be outside and away from work for a while. Lots of activities have been prepared and it was so fun and enjoyable. We have been divided into several groups and the team that I got was awesome! We cooked, built the tent, do all the games together and always help one another. The activities teaches me: “when we unite and have the same aims and goals will drive us to achieve something better and great as a team.


Throughout the activities, it proves that working together, support each other, knowing our team members strength and weakness will eventually makes the bond between the team members even more stronger.

Being together as the FSSH team, such a great pleasure for me.

The togetherness day exceeded all of my expectations and it was an awesome experienced.


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