NALI 2019-Memorable Experienced

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

In NALI 2019, I am one of the committee members with the Protocol portfolio. Our team  need to make sure the program run smoothly and everything is in order. Thanks to Allah because NALI 2019 team members are awesome and very helpful. I am really appreciate to be part of the NALI 2019.

Other than being the committee of NALI 2019, I did not miss the opportunity to participate in the program organized by NALi 2019. So today I just wanna share write a short memorable experienced story when my student and I participated in NALI 2019 last year.

It started with one phone call and my Phd student agree to collaborate. I am so excited since this will be my first time to participate in the competition with my PhD student, even though I’m just Co-SV only hehe. What is more important,  it is expected that my student could enhance her confident level, communication skills and can build connection with other participants throughout the program.

In NALI 2019, we participated in the NALI Exhibition and Competition. She end up with a brilliant product which was called X-Bar Application in Problem Solving for Primary School students. Alhamdulillah, we won GOLD MEDAL!!

A big thank you to Dr Siti Mastima from UKM and PM Dr Abdul Halim (main SV) from UTM because of the support and guidance.

Alhamdulillah! We won Gold Medal 😀

Closing Ceremony of NALI 2019

This is our NALI 2019 buddies!

Hopefully more memorable memories will come after this.

Education is not a problem, Education is an OPPORTUNITY! – Lyndon B. Johnson


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