Go away Stress!-We had a great time!

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Stress? Tired? Hmm, how to relieve stress?? What will you do to make your stress go away…? Actually, there’s a lot of things that we can do to reduce our stress. According to the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, as a human, we need to have optimum stress in our daily life so that it could enhance our productivity of work and increase our motivation. Figure 1 shows the relationship between Stress and Performance. (Reference: Stress Management)

Figure 1: Stress Hans Selve Graft

So, this graft gives us a guideline on how to manage our stress and at the same time make sure that we can give our best performance in doing our job.

Talking about stress, by having a hectic month and weeks, my friends and I have planned to relieve our stress by having an outdoor activities. Sound good and fun right? Yes, of course! We took the opportunity on a public holiday, September 16, 2020. We took part in the Zipline 260 meters, abseiling, suspended brigde and ATV activities. We had so much fun and great time!

Let the pictures tell the story….. check it out!

It is important to balance our life between work and personal life. We know when we stressed out because we can feel changes in our body and mind! Having a good time doing an outdoor activities will blew away the stress. If we don’t have time for outdoor, what else can we do? How to lower the stress? Here are some activities we could do; e.g: talk to someone, try to manage time properly, get more sleep, listen to music, eat right, do simple exercise, taking health supplements, reduce caffeine, spend time with family and etc.

Be happy, enjoy our life and cherish every moment we have…. see you in the next entry!



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