Postgraduate supervision workshop

Need to attend 3 courses AS101, AS102 and AS103 before can supervise PhD student as a main supervisor.



This semester i have tried using padlet in my class. The result was..awesome! the students really enjoyed the class and gave full cooperation ?



Information System & Technology

Today 26 May 2016 is the last class for this subject. The students are very kind, energetic and give full cooperation during the class. Thanks everyone and good luck for your final exam ?☺


Final year project presentation 25 May 2016

Good luck to all final year students. Be strong..what ever comments given by examiners, it is for your future, it is constructive feedbacks that you can learn. Be happy, think positive and all the best!!!

Kedamaian di era siber

Bila hanya tidak sampai 2 hari hp ditutup  ‘switch off’..baru terasa damainya. Tetapi bila switch on semula, serabut kepala.

New experience

Alhamdulillah, this morning has been given a opportunity to give a talk to students from Sekolah Menengah Bandar Penawar about how to prepare a presentation using Keynote software. Mencabar juga but really interesting ?