MOOCs Task to do for Week 2 – Digital Leadership Course

Oh no! i have a task to complete this week –> “to write a short essay evaluating the business IT alignment model, which will then be reviewed by your fellow learners“. Interesting about this week is the video has been delivered by my supervisor!

What is Digital Leadership

“the concept of digital leadership; where success is defined as making best use of ICT developments to deliver added value to an organisation”

Advantages Joining Moocs

Another thing that i realised when joining Moocs is i can get many case studies that i can use in my class. These case studies came from around the world that sometime we don’t know and heard about them before. One of them is Internet Plus Action plan which is a government scheme introduced by China. The participants/learners also often mentioned about Khazasthan. There must be a special thing about this country! Will explore later.

European e-Competence Framework

Useful guide. This is e-cf i.e. competencies framework for ICT Professional which consists of 3 integrated dimensions; business, strategy and IT.

Moocs – Futurelearn

The best thing that i noticed when joining moocs through Futurelearn is..i can do my tasks @ assignments anyway anytime using my mobile phone as long as connected with internet.

Digital Leadership – MOOCs Class

So excited joining this class though i just have completed one step out of 18 step hihi.

This is an overview of this course for Week 1.

Week 1: An introduction on how new digital technologies can help organisations overcome digital challenges and increase sales with return on investment. We will examine the ‘e-competences’ required for success and examine the Three Dimensions of Digital Leadership.

And these are what we will cover in Week 1. By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe how new technologies can help your business increase sales and returns on investment in technology and reflect this understanding in your preparation for this course.
  • Gain a better understanding of different technologies and how they can be applied to enhance the management, strategy and marketing of a business.
  • Use consulting techniques to produce a set of requirements and plans, to assist decision makers in formulating business technology solution strategies that ensure business sustainability.
  • Construct a matrix of the competences that you and your team need to develop to make the most effective use of digital technologies within your own organisation.

Printscreen MOOC

Moocs through Futurelearn

Trying to join this course. Hopefully can gain some new knowledge. Just pray may Allah make it easy for me ?

MOOCs Openlearning Workshop 23-24 May 2016

Good to learn a new platform of MOOCs i.e. Openlearning. However, our course not completed yet..still long journey…a lot of work have to do before the course can available online. Wait our course “Information Systems and Knowledge Management” yey!!!