Master Students

Master by Research Main Supervisor

No Name Title Durations Status
1 Siti Saidatul Azween Ismail Soil moisture variation due to grass water uptake Sept 2013 – June 2015



Master by Taugh Programme Main Supervisor

No Name Title Semester Status
1 Iman Farshchi Soil-Root Interaction and Effect on Slope Stabilization Sem1 2009/2010 Completed
2 Amir Hashyim Kamaruddin Remedial Measures for Slopes Stability Analysis Sem2 2009/2010 Completed
3 Samaneh Pour Mohammadi Slope stability and seepage analysis of Earth Dam Sem2 2009/2010 Completed
4 Wan Mohd Asraff Wan Hanafi Effect of low and high tide of river on slope stability analysis Sem2 2009/2010 Completed
5 Salsabila Abd Aziz Finite Element analysis in bore pile Sem2 2009/2010 Completed
6 Rozaimi Mohd Noor Replacement of Pile Foundations with Raft Foundations Design in buildings Sem2 2009/2010 Completed
7 Mohd Al Jeffrie Juhar Effect of Seismic Loading in Slope Stability Analysis Sem1 2010/2011 Completed
8 Mohamed Ridzuan Jahidin Stability Analysis of Slope along North South Highway using Limit Equilibrium Method Sem1 2010/2011 Completed
9 Mohd Faiz Mohammad Zaki


Analysis for Soil Nailing and Ground Anchors using Numerical Methods


Sem1 2011/2012


10 Muhammad Fahmi Johan Comparative Study of Wall Support System in Deep Excavation and Basement Work Sem1 2011/2012


11 Norhayati Abd Wahab @Dul Ahad Finite Element Method in Slope Stability Analysis Sem2 2011/2012 Completed
12 Farah Farhana Sulaiman Soil Suction Profile Due to Tree Water Uptake Sem2 2011/2012 Completed
13 Izwan Shah Ahmad Limit Equilibrium Method and Finite Element Method in Slope Stability Analysis Sem2 2011/2012 Completed
14 Aizat Mohd Taib @ Taib The Effect of Slope Stability Due to Soil-Root Interaction using Signal Grass and Japanese Millet Sem2 2011/2012 Completed
15 Nurul Afiza Mohd Nasir Slope Stability Analysis Due to Tree Induced Suction Sem2 2011/2012 Completed
16 Nor Hidayah A Rahman @ A Rahim


Design of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (Wall) – Reinforced Earth Wall Sem1 2012/2013 Completed
17 Zarina Yusof Numerical simulation of bearing capacity for rigid footing on cohesive soil Sem2 2012/2013 Completed
18 Amy Natasha Norhuda Offshore Foundation Integrity: Shallow Gas Mitigation Using Excess Pore Pressure Monitoring Tool Sem2 2012/2013 Completed
19 Shahrizam Mat Salleh Comparison between 2D Electrical  Resistivity and Conventional borehole for Soil Profiling Sem2 2012/2013 Completed
20 Chong Hon Yeau Analysis of Bored Piles in Residual Soil Formation and Prediction of Load Settlement Curve Sem2 2012/2013 Completed
21 Kuganeswaran Nadarasa Slope Surface monitoring system using Robotic total station Sem2 2012/2013 Completed
22 Gey Eng Keat The Effects of Grasses on Shallow-Seated Slope Stability in Tropical Rainforest Region Sem2 2012/2013 Completed
23 Abdul Rasyid Zainal Abidin Limit equilibrium method in unsaturated slope stability analysis Sem2 2013/2014 Completed
24 Balqis Abu Bakar Numerical modeling of unsaturated flow in vertical layer Sem2 2013/2014 On going
25 Mariappan Letchumanan Numerical simulation of slope stabilty with capillary barrier under rainfall infiltration Sem2 2013/2014 Completed
26 Engku Shahrulerizal Engku Ab Rahman Numerical analysis of subgrade stabilization soft soil Sem2 2013/2014 Completed
27 Mimi Sulastrie Jeman Numerical simulation in foundation due to settlement problem Sem2 2013/2014 Completed
28 Norasman Kadir Stability analysis of fill slope Sem2 2013/2014 Completed
29 Ilias Abdullah Soil improvement of taxiway and apron due to soft ground problem Sem1 2014/2015 Completed
30 Jaharatul Dini Karen Lee Abdullah Optimum utilization of quarry dust as partial replacement of sand in green concrete Sem1 2014/2015 Completed
31 Mohd Afendi Ariff Piles performances behavior of marine structures Sem1 2014/2015 Completed
32 Nurulfara Ya’acob Influence of suction induced by grass root Sem1 2014/2015 Completed
33 Sumathi Subramaniam Interface stability assessment on composite landfill liner using limit equlibrium analysis method Sem1 2015/2016


34 Lee Jin Sin The comparison and effectiveness of correlation between static and dynamic load test in bored pile Sem1 2015/2016 Completed
35 Yeoh Gim Heng The Awareness of Post Tension Slab Implementation for Building Construction Sem2 2015/2016 Completed
36 Mohamed Khairullail Mohamed Salim Productivity of Aluminium Steel Formwork System Instead Tradisional Formwork System Sem2 2015/2016 Completed
37 Norazly Awang The Effectiveness of Managing the Construction’s Waste Sem2 2015/2016 Completed
38 Norshazwina Johari Studies on Enhancing Stability of Slope using Soil Nailing Sem2 2015/2016 Completed
39 Hong Puan Yee Numerical analysis in shallow foundation design Sem1 2016/2017 On going
40 Terence Ngu Tai Loong Ground Improvement on Peat Material Treated with Cement And Geopolymer Using Fly Ash Sem1 2016/2017 On going
41 Allan Chwee Yew Lun Evaluation of Bored Pile Capacity in Residual Soil Sem2


On going
42 Wong Jing Quan Geophysical Method on Geotechnics and Foundation Design Sem2


On going