Current Semester

INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICS (SSCP1102) 2016/2017 Semester 1

A course for the first year students of B. Sc. Industrial Physics.

LASER (2015/2016 Semester 2)

A 14-week course for the forth year undergraduate students of Industrial Physics in UTM.


PHYSICS (2016)

A 6-week intensive course for UTM HYDRO II (HYDROGRAPHIC SURVEYING II Course).

Love letter for Hydro-gang ;

Read no. 1, then do no. 2. Please record your scores and pass to me (you can whatsapp or email me.). Then read no. 3 so you can proudly say, “I am learning Physics in UTM… UTM!” . Finally no 4 is for your reference. Check no. 5 quickly until page 22 so you can say “I know laser!” (1/2/2016)

  1. Optics Review (SPM)
  2. Optics Quiz (SPM) – do chapter 05-LIGHT only
  3. Optics Note
  4. My slide in the classroom (week 1)
  5. lecture_06
  6. more notes will be shared soon.


ELECTROMAGNETISM (2015/2016 Semester 1)
A 14-week course for the third year Industrial Physics students.