iHoloShape Kit applied the basic in teaching and learning 3D shapes in mathematics in an interactive and interesting way which could attract student to learn this subject This implementation of technology in such approach can be known as an alternative method for teachers to teach students 3D shapes. Students are getting more interested towards learning that uses technology as its instrument. Students with low level of understanding 3D shapes will have an alternative way learning this topic through iHoloShape Kit. In addition, students could enhance three of education domain which are cognitive, affective and psychomotor by pinch of technology that is holographic technology. The students will improve in their performance in this topic that the knowledge will be extended to secondary education. The constructivism theory and Accelerated Learning Cycle Model implementation in iHoloShape Kit is hoped to be beneficial for either students or other users because it might help in constructing new knowledge and proactive learning environment that include activation phase. In the nutshell, it is hoped that this kit would help in teaching and learning 3D shape which is included in primary Mathematics Education.