Conference Presentations


Asiascape: Digital Asia Conference. Rethinking Communities in the 2018 Age of the Digital organised by Leiden University. Yellow vs Red: Digital/Spatial Divide demonstrated by protest in Malaysia

International Planning History Society Conference, Yokohama. From Colonial to Neoliberal: Urban Planning in Malaysia


Winter School: Media Activism and Postcolonial Futures at the 2017 Chinese University, Hong Kong organised by IIAS and SSRC


Summer School: Walking the Line – Art of Border Zones in Times of 2015 Crisis organised by the Asia and Europe Cluster, University of Heidelberg


Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space organised by 2014 Akademie van Wetenschappen, Amsterdam. The Hashtag Game: Protests in Postcolonial Kuala Lumpur.

Cities that Talk Conference organised by AESOP Young Academics at the University of Gothenburg. Kuala Lumpur: A Palimpsest of Anxieties


Winter School: Urban Hybridity in the Post-Colonial Age organised 2013 by IIAS at the University of Macau