My research employs the techniques of Molecular simulation to model the properties of proteins and other biomolecules. These techniques include but not limited to molecular dynamics simulation,  molecular docking, energy minimization and conformational energy calculations.

Currently, I am looking for postgraduate candidates (Masters and PhD), any inquiries please email 


fees waived, minimum RM1,500 per months of allowance

Oppurtunity to be attached to University in Japan at least 1 month — fully sponsored

AREAS: biotechnology, chemistry, computer science, bioinformatics, biochemistry

I’m interested in various areas:

1. The Extraction of active compounds from natural plants/ herbs/ products for either medicinal (cancer/diabetes/HIV/etc) or industrial purposes (food/paints/pesticides/textiles/etc).  Then this will get further studied using computational simulation typically virtual screening and molecular docking simulation. (using windows platform) and others.

3.. Protein structure prediction and catalytic prediction using homology modelling and molecular dynamics simulation

4. Development of molecular viewers/ bioinformatics tools servers <— especially for students in computer science background.


please email me at for further info

 Come and join me at MJIIT UTKL.