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Soul of academia

When I started my career in academia, I knew there are always new things and different challenges in front of me. Every stage in academia is different and there are always something new for me to improve, to learn and to feel. Everyday must be compassionate, kind, challenging, energetic and enthusiastic-in spite of yesterday’s root canal.

Throughout my academia life, I met different academician who always show their intellectual and greatest attitude to students. My supervisor, Prof Lee Chew Tin is one of the most really inspired me. Her guidance, patience and persistent help keep me grounded on my soul of academia. She make me strongly believe that an academician is like a gardener and student is the flower. We need to plant seed, observe the seed growing, watering, fertilizing and care for it. Often we might not see the seed blooming, but it will, one day.

This make me understand the best to work in academia is the life-giving knowledge that makes one’s soul thirst for more. Hence, I wish to be an academician not only sharing the knowledge but also help one’s to shape, built and inspire their whole lifetime!