Possible Future Studio


CPR-2077 by Aiman Nazrin

The poster is a striking and thought-provoking representation of the manifesto for the community center. Against the backdrop of a cyberpunk city, people are suspended in mid-air, connected by wires that appear to be charging them up with natural energy. The wires and the greenery are symbolic of the community center’s vision of being a zero energy building, on top of sustainability and harmonious coexistence with nature.

The people in the image appear to be suspended in a state of tranquility, as if they have found an escape from their mundane routines and the frenetic pace of urban life. The community center is envisioned as a place for people to relax and stimulate their senses, being in harmony with nature.

The tree that anchors the composition is a symbol of growth, stability, and interconnectedness. It represents the community center’s commitment to sustainability and natural rejuvenation. In addition to green spaces, the community center plans for the utilization of drone taxis, EV chargers, and micro-mobility options. These features highlight the center’s focus on sustainable design and environmentally responsible practices.

Overall, the poster is a powerful and engaging representation of the community center’s vision for a sustainable future. It conveys a message of relaxation, rejuvenation, and connection to nature. It invites the viewer to imagine a world where green spaces and sustainable technology work in harmony to create a better, more livable environment.