Possible Future Studio

“Fast Forward” – BSP as Potential Sustainable City.

“Fast Forward” manifesto

The future holds many possibilities and this is what I imagine Bandar Sri Permaisuri to be in 50 or 70 years ahead. A sustainable utopian city.

There is an article mentioning that Bandar Sri Permaisuri fulfils the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) criteria. A Transit-Oriented Development is a compact, mixed-use complex centred on a transit station designed to encourage people to use public transportation and lessen their dependency on private vehicles.

What I noticed from the site visit and backed up with information from the article, the city definitely fits the said idea. Public transportation around the city is available with the buses, LRT and KTM provided. Plus, the walking distance from the residences in the city to facilities such as food nodes, clinics, grocery stores, schools, and commercial areas is only 5, 10 or 15 minutes maximum. This is a good opportunity to encourage micro-mobility around the city as decent public transportation service and good walking distances have been implemented.

A radical idea I imagined was what if the city totally omits personal cars and motorcycles in the city? And everyone only commutes by either using public transportation, bicycles, scooters and their feet? Car taxis are no longer relevant because air taxis became the new thing. And perhaps food delivery drivers and postmen would be replaced as drone pilots. This is a thought countering the packed parking situation of BSP.

A TOD city fulfils the idea of being a sustainable city. Pairing together with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), BSP is definitely on its way there. The visual manifesto fast-forwards into the future of what is to be available in BSP as a sustainable city.