Ting! Bila Nama Anda Disebut

おはようございます Assalamualaikum semua!

Tahukah anda bahawa manusia sangat teruja apabila mendengar / melihat nama mereka disebut?


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Konsep yang telah dibuktikan didalam makmal neurosains ini telahpun lama digunapakai oleh beberapa perniagaan yang berjaya.

Jom ambil contoh Starbucks:

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Dengan hanya ucapan (dengan nada ceria): “Hi there, welcome to Starbucks! What can I get for you today?”

….”What shall your name be on your coffee today, Maam?”

… secara automatik mengujakan neuron-neuron ‘special’ didalam otak kita, iaitu Von Economo Neurons (VENs) yang walaupun hanya sedikit bilangannya tetapi sangat ‘powerful’ pengaruhnya kepada neuron-neuron bahagian lain didalam otak anda dan saya.


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VENs ini berkait rapat dengan “ego” anda dan saya.

Ia juga berkait rapat dengan perasaan belas kasihan (compassion) dan empathy – konsep yang amat bertentangan, dengan ego, kan?

VENs akan mengaktifkan bahagian Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC) yang berperanan mengawal emosi kita.

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Kalau anda taksub dengan nama anda seringkali ingin disebut2 ramai, maka mungkin kena fine tune semula VENs anda…sebab itulah ada juga ramai yang tidak peduli pun akan populariti, glamor, pangkat, dan seangkatannya…kerana VENs mereka sudah dilatih dan di ‘configure’ untuk sedemikian.

Soalan seterusnya: Boleh ke kita ubah / train / re-configure semula neurons kita? Ada cara?

Tunggu kupasan selanjutnya ya. InshaAllah.

Soalan untuk para peniaga berfikir dan jawab sendiri: Bagaimana konsep nama ini boleh anda jadikan strategi power untuk perniagaan anda?

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Baby Brain Blues

Tadaa! Introducing Mak Long’s 1.5 yr old niece, Hilya Imani and 5-wk old nephew, Muhammad Idris Mueed.?

Do you know that a 1 day old baby is already equipped with abilities that we never imagined of?

Scroll down to read more.

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1) A newborn baby has a sense of numerosity (sensing numbers, as in the the numbers of “beep” sounds). They KNOW how many…but they arent able to explain it yet.

2) A newborn baby’s brain is predisposed for language, ie phonics. They are already able to sense when languages change! E.g. when Maklong speaks to baby Idris Mueed switching languages from Bahasa Melayu to English …or any other languages, Idris KNOWS.

And at the age of his sister Hilya Imani, around 2 to 4yrs old, the cognitive functions of Idris’s brain will further evolve…for example, Hilya Imani is already able to sense that THEFT is a wrongdoing and that if you steal an ice cream, you ought to return 1 ice cream, along with an APOLOGY. Not 2 or more.

If we think of these little children’s transactions as a toy model of international law, this finding is extraordinary! e.g If someone steals 2, and in order to settle peace, the victim demands 4, the exponential growth of reprisals would be harmful for everyone.

Even toddlers like darling niece Hilya Imani seem to understand that even in war there ought to be rules.

Come what may, Mak Long will always love you both?.


Making Dreams Come True

It is often said that;

“Successful entrepreneurs start with making dreams happen”.

Is this true at all?

Let me share with you some facts on neurosciences and how these facts may explain what exactly happens in a successful entrepreneur’s brain when he/she dreams of making things happen.

Do you know that our frontal lobe holds the secret for making our “dreams come true?”.

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This secret is summarised in two words;

Selective Attention.

…which is the ability to voluntarily choose, from millions of pieces of data, which ones seem most relevant to your life.

Do you know what actions enhance your selective attention ability?

Daily meditation enhances our ability to focus our attention to virtually any goal we wish to achieve, and selective attention improves the memory functions of our brain.

Specifically, meditation helps to maintain working memory – the information we need to make any conscious decision – and it does this by discarding irrelevant and distracting data.

Desire and focus is enough to permanently alter your brain.

How does this happen?

Neurosciences has proven that when you intensely meditate on a specific goal over an extended period of time, your brain begins to relate to your idea as if it were an actual object in the world by increasing activity in your thalamus, part of the reality-making process of your brain.

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The dream (concept) begins to take deliberate action in the world.

Do you dream to make something happen? Focus, meditate. Let it happen. Make it happen.

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