2020 & 12 Minute Magic

おはようございます Ohaiyo gozaimasu, Assalamualaikum guys,

Enter any new year and we hear people around us sharing about their new year’s resolutions. While a few boasts about how they beat the odds throughout the year empowering themselves to work for their goals, most find it entertaining by making fun of how they failed to achieve theirs in the past year.

Do you know that there are already proven lab experiments stating that there are ways to “reconfigure” and “fine tune” your mind, to make you work on NEW habits and actions?

Just like your car. It needs fuel to move. But it also, once in a while, needs a major overhaul by making major changes.

The Al-Mighty God only helps people who helps themselves, thus change will only happen if YOU trigger and work on it YOURSELF. That said, transformation only happens when YOU make it happen.

You can’t hope for your spouse, colleagues, boss, teacher, …or even the government (strangely, you can never hope for the “pihak-pihak berwajib” to change YOU or your surroundings!).  Worse, some even put hopes on “mother nature”, when WE should be the ones taking care of her; the other way around.

There are proven ways to enforce a major change in thinking and action.

Nuroscientists have found evidence that if we focus on meditating to change ourselves, a mere 12 minutes a day, the billions of neuron cells in our brain rearranges and reorganises  themselves into NEW configurations, to allow for changes to happen in your mind.

What kind of meditation do they mean?

Thinking of God.

In this simple sense, saying prayers. Or performing chants (zikr’) with minimal movements of the lips (uttering in a very low voice), and light gestures of the fingers (holding prayer beads, etc.)Image result for meditation

Neuroscientists have done experiments on people who meditate in this form and found that the climax happens when the hundred of billions of neuron cells in their brain begin to reorganise and reconfigure themselves. This is magical.

When this happens, meditators are “lost” in their own world, they no longer can hear what’s happening around them, they only hear their own soft chants, and their minds are so focused on God that they in the end feel at “one with God”.

It only takes 12 minutes of this to happen for our neuron cells to rewire  and reorganise themselves, neuroscientists say.

Why rewire and reorganise?

If you still don’t know, neuron cells will only be of value in your brain ONLY if they CONNECT to other neuron cells. They’re pretty useless when they’re alone.

And if you still don’t know, how we actually THINK (and act, ofcourse) depends on these CONNECTIONS. The video below shows how neurons connect to each other. Click to view.


That said, different levels of thinking means a major difference in  how your neurons connect to each other e.g. with which neuron cell(s)? Of which brain area(s)? How fast? How powerful? etc.

Meditation changes this configuration magically.

It rewires and reconnects your neurons to where it’s SUPPOSED to connect to.

So back to your new year goals? …

Meditate on your goals! Tie them up with your existence in this world. With your work, your life, your family, with the surroundings around you. And ultimately, with God.

After all, aren’t we all the humble creations of God?

All the best in 2020!

Nobody can help you. It has always been your call.

And will always be.

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