Laughing = Business?

It was last week that I heard a podcaster interviewing a prominent researcher’s findings on laughing (she spends a portion of the United States of America’s taxpayers money brilliantly on special research projects on LAUGHTER).

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What I learnt from her sharing:

Businesses hire her to look into how laugher turns into profit. For instance, the entertainment business (obviously!) makes the most out of her research findings and ‘experiments’.

To illustrate, the ever popular series hit FRIENDS learnt lessons from her findings – what makes people laugh? Is laughter really contagious? Do different types of laughs mean DIFFERENTLY? How to structure jokes meaningfully so that laugher triggers thinking? And the list goes on.

FRIENDS used ‘laugh sound recordings’ (many live series do!) and they researched robustly on the best mechanics of this – when best to play the recordings? What sound level is best? Is there a difference when people notice these are laughter recordings? etc.

Movie makers too (ofcourse!) benefit from her researches.

Then other businesses  came into the picture.

Giant corporations too came to her to see how laughter yoga, for instance, or group laughter gatherings (or FORCED laugher), effects performance. Clearly, teams who laugh more together often perform better.

Laughter research’s certainly a no-joker, okay?

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