Covid19: What 12 Minutes Can Do To Your Brain

Is the current pandemic helping, distracting or making things worse for you?

This depends on how your brain cells reorganise themselves (you have atleast 100 billion of them in your 1.1 kilogram brain – as many as the stars in the entire universe).


Neurons: What are they and how do they work?

Can one change the way of thinking?

Can one change the way they perceive matters – especially in these turbulent times?


The 12 Minute Tip 

Contemplating God will change your brain, but let me also point out that meditating on other grand themes will also change your brain.

If you contemplate the Big Bang, or immerse yourself in the study of evolution – or choose to play a musical instrument, for that matter –  you’ll change the neural circuitry in ways that enhance your cognitive health.

But religious and spiritual contemplation changes your brain in a profoundly different way because it strengthens a unique neural circuit that specifically enhance social awareness and empathy while subduing destructive feelings and emotions.

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This is precisely the kind of neural change we need to make if we want to solve the conflicts and matters that are currently afflicting our world.

More importantly, during the Covid 19 pandemic that all of us are facing.

The underlying mechanism that allows these changes to occur relates to a unique quality known as neuroplasticity: the ability of your brain to structurally rearrange itself in response to a wide variety of positive and negative events. 

One of the many ways our brain cells (neurons) are trained to reorganise themselves is through meditation (prayers, reflection, etc, yoga & other meditative states).

It has been proven that with just 12 minutes of prayers / meditation / remembering God a day, amazing changes happen in one’s brain.

But these changes will highly depend on what YOU want, so when you think of God with a positive mind (and a highly hopeful one – not blaming, cursing or denying etc.), your brain cells will rewire themselves into more meaningful connections (brain cells need to connect with others to “perform” thoughts and actions, mind you).

The key to thinking, perceiving, believing is these connections.

How your brain cells connect the dots.

This explains why, especially in turbulent situations, some people still manage to think positively, while the rest (many others), keep playing the blame-game and fall into depression mode.

Some people are trained to think “critically” – avoiding what’s unimportant and irrelevant – and making the best of what they have instead of lamenting on what they don’t.

Perhaps this is the best time for all of us to do so;

Meditate, reflect,…act.

After all, don’t things happen for a reason?


“When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” – (Rumi)