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“Respect your uniqueness. Drop comparison. Relax into your being”




Dr. Rahayu Tasnim is with 20 years of experience in both the industry and academia, dealing in entrepreneurship and start up management, commercialisation strategies, business and strategic planning, leadership and core management practices.

Her research interest includes (more recently, since 2018) in neuro-entrepreneurship studies, neuro-marketing, blue economy strategies,  etc.

An active corporate trainer, consultant and mentor for over 100 start ups throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & Brunei since 2008, she is well known for her dedication and commitment in various self-development programs.

She currently heads the Continuing & Transnational Education Team in Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, focusing on transnational and trans-field special programs which includes corporate training, short courses, executive and non executive programs, etc.

Current research interests (since 2018):

Neuro-entrepreneurship studies, neuro-marketing, blue economy strategies, marketing and branding strategies, etc.

Rahayu’s CV_Click here: Rahayu CV_March 2020

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