My research journey begins with my enrolment in the M.Sc (research) in helicopter aerodynamics supervised by Prof Ir. Dr Abas Ab Wahab. After completing MSc, I then continue my research interest in Ph.D. level also in helicopter aerodynamics at the University of Liverpool, UK under supervision of Prof George Barakos (currently at Glasgow University) and Prof Kent Badcock.

Once return to Malaysia, I continue my research interest in computational fluid dynamics. My research interests have broadened over the years and now span topics that range from aerodynamics/aeronautics/aerospace applications to the general fluid dynamics research including identification of vortex-induced vibration within the flow domain.

During my career in academic, I have opportunity to share/disseminate my knowledge and finding in several journals. Selected publications can be obtained from Resume page or ResearchGate or Google Scholar page. Research is a tedious work which its success depends on how well it is organized and executed. Starting from research grant proposal preparation, defend and execution followed by documenting it in various forms e.g.: final report, thesis, dissertation, journals and etc, the complete process require all team members to follow a specific guidelines.

Guides in writing thesis/manuscript for journal:

  1. Writing manuscript (Malay version)
  2. 6 things to do before writing manuscript
  3. 11 steps to restructuring a science paper editors will take seriously
  4. The four P’s of getting published

Tools for journal/thesis writing:

  1. Grammarly or ProWritingAids – for spell check and self proofreading
  2. EndNote – for managing references and citation
  3. TurnitIn – for plagiarism check (this service is provided freely by the School/University)
  4. Ref-N-Write
  5. Zotero – for managing literature
  6. Docear – for creating mindmapping. Useful for thesis/journal writing.

Guideline to review manuscript:

  1. Step-by-step guide to reviewing manuscript