Completed Projects

1. Development of Algorithms for Optimization of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems.Co Researcher.
Sponsor: FRGS Vote RMC Vot: 7190 (RM17,000) –Completed.

2. The Hybrid Cutting-Angle Method for Global Optimization of Optimal Control Problems. Head Researcher.
Sponsor:FRGS Vote RMC Vot: 78336 (RM98,200)- Completed.

3. Integrated Optimal Control Algorithms for Discrete Stochastic Dynamical Systems. Co Researcher.
Sponsor: FRGS Vote RMC Vot: 78478 (14,000) – Completed.

4. Development of Models for the Optimal Urban Planning Based on Geographical and Land Price Characteristics. Head Researcher. –
Sponsor: FRGS Vote RMC Vot:4F181 (RM70,000)- Completed.

5. Ramsey Model on Optimal Saving: An Optimal Control Approach on Economic Cyclical Consumption and Growth. Head Researcher.
Sponsor: Research University Grant (RUG) Vote RMC Vot: 06J26 (RM30,000) – Completed.

6. An Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm For Global Solution Of Constrained Optimization Problems. Head Researcher
Sponsor: RUG Vot : 08H47 (RM 20,000) – Completed.
7. Modeling On Ascending, Descending And Abitrary Order Characteristic Of Task Scheduling In Unrelated Parallel Processor System. Co-Researcher
Sponsor: RUG Vot: 08H49 (RM20,000) –Completed.

8. Optimal Control Of Vector-Borne Disease In Metapopulation. Co- Researcher.
Sponsor: RUG Vot: 09J69 (RM 28,040) – Completed.