Master students

MSC by Research:

  1. Kerk Lee Chang : Homotopy 2-Step Predictor-corrector Method (HSPM) in Global Optimization. 2014.


  1. Saiyidatul Saadah bt Ahmad Nizam : Ramsey Model on Optimal Saving. 2014.


  1. Sayedalireza Sayedi : Cutting Angle Method for Functional and Dynamic Integrated Optimization and Parameter Estimation Algorithm. 2010.


MSC Dissertation:

  1. Nur Azira Abdullah. Nonsmooth Optimization. 2013.


  1. Siti Shaliza Mohd Khairi. Quasi-Newton Projection on Box-constrained Optimization Problem. 2013.


  1. Raja Nadiah Raja Mohd Nazir :The Ford Fulkerson algorithm on a case study of a scheduling Problem. 2013.


  1. Nur Shazrahanim Kamar : Optimal Control of an Economic Problem as an application to Calculus of Variations. 2013.


  1. Haslinda Bahrin : Application of the Hermite-Simpson Discretization Method on an Optimal Control Problem. 2013.


  1. Norhafizah bt Abidin : A Model for Transportation of Mass for the Optimal Planning of an Urban Area. 2012.


  1. Zahra Roshan Zamir: Tunneling Method in Global Optimization. 2012.



  1. Azrina bt Zakaria : The Application of Graph Theory Algorithm in Timetabling Problem. 2011.



  1. Nor Ezwani Bt. Mat Nor@Zakaria :Homotopy Continuation Method in Avoiding the Problem of Divergence of Traditional Newton’s Method. 2011.



  1. Soudeh Babaeizadeh: Line Search Methods in Conjugate Gradient Method Algorithms. 2010.


  1. Munirah bt Mohd Rossdy : Application of 0-1 Goal Programming in Nurse Scheduling. 2010.


  1. Ng Kin Wei : A case study in the Implementation of DEA. 2009.


  1. Voon Chui Khim : Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process in Selecting Faculty Academic Member in Higher Education. 2009.


  1. Nur Fadhilah bt Ibrahim : Cutting Angle Method. 2007.