PhD students

  1. Abdullahi Ibrahim, 2014. Some Computational Results On Modified Iterative (Indirect Methods) With Fortran Programming. (Main Supervisor). On Going.


  1. Soudeh Babaezadeh, 2014. A Modified Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Problem. (Supervisor). Completed.


  1. Nurul Aida bt Nordin, 2013. New Solution Techniques for Optimal Control Model of Infectious Disease. (Main Supervisor) On Going.


  1. Nor Hafizah bt Abidin, 2012. Development of Models for the Optimal Urban Planning Based on Geographical and Land Price Characteristics. (Main Supervisor) On Going.


  1. Soudeh Babaezadeh, 2012. Fuzzy Model on Nonlinear Dynamical Systems. (Supervisor). On Going.


  1. Lim Rui Sih, 2011. Stochastic delay Equations. (Main Supervisor) On Going.


  1. Akbar Banitalebi, 2009-2012. Algorithm to Address Continuous Nonlinear Finite-Horizon Global Optimal Control Problems. (Co-supervisor).Completed.


  1. Ng Kin Wei, 2009-2012. Optimal Control of the monodomain equations using the cutting angle method. (Supervisor) Completed.


  1. Ahmad Aliyu Maidamisa, 2008 –2011. Statistical Test not on Asymptotic Distribution of DEA estimator. (Main Supervisor). Completed.


  1. Kek Sie Long,2008 –2011. Integrated Optimal Control Algorithms for Discrete Stochastic Dynamical System. (Co-supervisor). Completed.