MG- Matching Grant; PDRG- Professional Development Research Grant; CR- Contract Research; RUG- Research University Grant; BE- Business Entity; TF- Technofund; I-G- Innovation Grant; FRGS-Fundamental Research Grant Scheme; IG-International Grant; NG-Networking Grant, PRGS-Prototype Research Grant Scheme.

1 2019-2021 RUG 16J42, Security and Risk Based Models of Contingent Threat at Seaport in Malaysia 30,000.00
2 2018-2020 RUG 19H15, Low Cycle Fatigue Life Evaluation of Thin Walled Bend Pipe Under Seismic Load Condition 50,000.00
3 2017-2019 RUG 17H87, Risk Assessment Frameworks of Handling and Storage of Cargo at Malaysia Ports 40,000.00
4 2016-2018 FRGS 4F852, Fatigue Effects of Impact Loaded Pipes with Flowing Liquid and Gas 70,000.00
5 2016-2018 RUG 15H36, Closure Effect of Welding Residual Stress in Penetration Nozzles of Pressure Vessel 40,000.00
6 2015-2016 RUG 11J20, Fatique Behaviour of Pipes Transporting Liquid and Gas Due to Impact Loading 20,000.00
7 2013-2014 RUG 00K06, Analytical Modelling of the Transient Response of Pipes Transporting Liquid and Gas Due to Impact Loading 20,000.00


1 2019-2021 PRGS 4L707, Prototype Development of Spiral Flow Inducing Cannula For Stroke and Hemolysis Reduction During Cardiopulmonary Bypass Operation 85,530.00
2 2019-2021 FRGS 5F205, Investigation of Microstructure and Fatigue Behaviour on Newly Developed Ti-Al-Fe Alloys with Addition of Mo and Cu as Quaternary Elements 94,2000.00
3 2019-2021 RUG 16J53, Recycling and Resource Recovery Technique in Managing Construction Waste in Sustainable Manner 20,000.00
4 2019-2021 RUG 16J45, Optimization of High-Performance Drill Geometry Design for Orthopaedic Surgical Application 20,000.00
5 2018-2020 BE MRT-V209, Acre Works Sdn Bhd-STEAM Learning Laboratory: STEM Model Lab 78,400.00
6 2018-2020 BE MRT-V209, Acre Works Sdn Bhd-STEAM Learning Laboratory: STEM Fun Learning Toy Library 43,300.00
7 2018-2019 NG 4C192, Annajah Community-The  Elementary Development of the Personalized Application for Quran Tadabur Note Keeping 10,000.00
8 2017-2019 Dana Penyelidikan UTM Razak 4J297, Safety Security Management Plan to Curb Football Fans Hooliganism at Stadium 32,000.00
9 2017-2019 PRGS 4L686, Customized Stents for Trachea Stenosis 73,410.00
10 2017-2019 RUG 17H73, Determining the Usability Metrics of Digital Government among Citizens of Malaysia 30,000.00
11 2017-2019 RUG 17H56, Investigate of Sustainability Hybrid Renewable Energy System: Ocean Current Turbine & Solar Power System Electrification on One Fathom Bank Malaysia 40,000.00
12 2018 NG 4X424, Annajah Community- Grooming Future Scientists and Engineers from the Root through Fun Learning Concept 5,850.00
13 2018 NG 4X364, Grooming Future Scientists and Engineers from the Root through Fun Learning Concept 8,100.00
14 2017-2018 RUG 14J04, A Modified Gapped Smoothing Method for Detecting Horizontal and Vertical Crack 20,000.00
15 2016-2018 FRGS 4F814, Characterization of Glass from Electronic Waste (E-Waste) as Baseline Data for Sustainable Waste Management 36,000.00
16 2016-2018 RUG 15H70, Improvement of Changeover Times Through Integrating of SMED Method With QFD Techniques for Semiconductor Industry 40,000.00
17 2016-2018 RUG 15H31, Feasibility Study Aiming at Identifying the Potential Opportunities of Developing a Pioneer Underwater Ocean Turbines Power Plant on the One Fathom Bank 40,000.00
18 2016-2018 RUG 15H58, Research Information Management System Usability Model for Research Institute: A Case Study in FRIM 30,000.00
19 2016-2018 RUG 15H75, Life Cycle Assessment of Integrated Waste Management for Automotive Waste 40,000.00
20 2017 NG 4X313, Centre for Community and Industry Network (CCIN)- Annajah Community -Impact of Fun Learning Toy Library for  STEM Education at Sek. Keb. Seneng Bachok Kelantan 13,000.00
21 2016-2017 Case Writing Grant Scheme 4L407, Database Alteration or Server Error: Helpdesk Challenge and Troubleshooting 10,000.00
22 2016 NG 4X175, Centre for Community and Industry Network (CCIN)- Annajah Community -Development of STEM Fun Learning Toy Library for Sek. Keb. Kuala Geris Dabong Kelantan 20,000.00
23 2015-2017 RUG 12H61, Environmental Management System Practices among Small and Medium Food Manufacturers in Malaysia 50,000.00
24 2015-2017 RUG 12J12, Acoustical Performance of Kenaf Polypropelene Composites as a High Acoustic Absorber at Aircraft Hangar 20,000.00
25 2015-2017 IG 4B214, APEN JAIF Multiversity Project 97,401.75
26 2015-2016 RUG 12H10, Development of Quadcopter with Hover Control Recovery Under One Rotor Failure Condition 50,000.00
27 2014-2016 FRGS 4F664, An improved Energy-Based Load-Displacement Prediction for a Slotted Disc Spring 54,000.00
28 2014-2015 RUG 09H01, Design of a Superlative Aerodynamic Ratio Envelope of a Hybrid Airship Vehicle (HAV) for UAV Surveillance Platform 20,000.00
29 2014-2015 RUG 09H53, Development of Decision Support System for Managing Electronic Waste (E-Waste) in a Sustainable and Intergrated Manner 20,000.00
30 2014-2015 NG 4X027, Program Myodyssey di bawah Program Pelan Strategik Pengajian Tinggi Negara (PSPTN) 2 Jangkauan Global ‘Malaysia : Dimensi Baharu Di Bawah Peruntukan Institut Penyelidikan Pendidikan Tinggi Negara (IPPTN) bagi Tahun 2014 200,000.00




RM 1,571,191.75