Research Areas/Interest

Research and development are an integral and important part of the professional activities of the Faculty’s academic staff. Scientific research is indispensable to the nation’s health, prosperity, and security. Looking at the research perspective, my expertise is within the areas of construction management and technology, specifically the focus is on buildability, construction contract administration, green building and maintenance. Over the years I have involved in twenty five (25) research projects either as a Project Leader or Team Member. Out of these twenty five research projects I was the Project Leader in seven (7) research projects with a total research value of RM 506,000. The total value of research projects where I was the Team Member is RM 3,260,655. Four of the research projects that I was involved in won awards at research exhibitions. The awards include ITEX2004 gold medal for research entitled Forecasting Low-Cost Housing Demand in Malaysia Using Artificial Neural Network, ITEX2009 Silver Medal for research entitled Automated 2D-Exreaction System (QUES VER.1.1), Pecipta2009 Bronze medal for research project entitled Fast Track Formwork System, MCIA2009 Special Award for research product Fast Track Wall System, and 2013 Citra Inovasi Certificates from the Ministry of Higher Education for research product ER-CAD and Fast Track Wall. In general, the scope of research projects that I normally involve is within the fields of structural engineering, construction management and technology, and computer application in project management. It is also worth to mention that the research on Fast Track Wall system has been patented and well accepted by the industry. A spin-off company was created in 2011 under the name of FTW Sdn. Bhd. to promote and market the product in the construction industry.