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Bengkel Kemaskini Web

Tarikh : 3 Feb. 2016 Tempat: Makmal Tingkat 15, Menara Razak   … [Continue reading]

Leadership Knowledge Sharing Series Talk 2

Managing Change Through Holistic Leadership 19 August 2015- Wednesday-2.30pm … [Continue reading]


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Leadership Knowledge Sharing Series Talk-1

Transformative Leadership for Future University 22 June 2015 Monday 10.00am … [Continue reading]


by En. Shahrul today! … [Continue reading]

Today HCI class

To my HCI student. today class will discuss about your project … [Continue reading]

Trip to NUS

Official Trip to NUS with TNCP of UTM … [Continue reading]

Testing to facebook

Testing from web to facebook … [Continue reading]

HCI short drama

The User is a King and an example of Short Drama from Stanford University. This could give some inspiration to your group presentation … [Continue reading]