Program Pemerkasaan Kurikulum Abad Ke-21


Roadshow berkaitan akan dilaksanakan oleh UTMLead seperti ketetapan berikut:

Tarikh: 12 Mac 2019 (Selasa)
Masa : 9.00 am – 4.30 pm
Tempat: Dewan Konvensyen T08
Kehadiran: Semua Staf Akademik AHIBS JB

Outline of the Roadshow as below:

  1. OBE Fundamentals by AP Ir. Dr. Hayati Abdullah
  2. Constructive Alignment by Dr Adibah
  3. NALI practices & TES by Dr Mohd Nihra
  4. 21st Century Curriculumm by AP Dr Naziha
  5. Future Ready Educators by by AP Dr Naziha


The Solar Run Series divided into 3 series which are Sun, Moon & Earth series which will be held as below details:

April Date: 13, 20 & 27 April 2019

Venue: AHIBS, JB

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss on the progress each series and the total crews attended during the meeting is 242 crews from UHAS3012 Section 5 & 17 (Dr Farah Merlinda), Section 4 & 32 (Dr Mohd Khairuddin) and  Section 7 & 10 (Dr Sabrinah)

Social Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED)

Group photo

SEED is an Intercultural Transformational Leadership Program are;


  1. Unique student-centered & socially responsible learning initiative
  2. Requiring the student to work together in International & multicultural teams
  3. To learn experientially in the real-life context of a poor Southeast Asian community
  4. To renew the mindsets of poor people so they can become innovatively and improve their own lives through enterprise


Saturday activity with my beloved AHIBS faculty members.. attending TEDtalk.. am so motivated with all the inspiring sharing experience.. looking forward to the next event.. InsyaAllah… few takeaways points from the speakers:
1. To be successful you have to be persistence, Ambition, Common good and kindness
2. The definition of success is “ Fall seven times, stand up eight
3. Follow your mother advices because mother instinct is always right and powerful.. Just follow