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In managing our hectic lives and those within our circle of influence during COVID-19, we must not forget to also

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Taking for granted the need to exercise, to have good rest and to take good care of our health (among the very important things to do, but could be low priorities for many) could lead to irreversible crisis when one falls ill from overwork, anxiety, weakened immunity and indulgence.

When one fell sick, one might not be able to do anything else except to manage the health crisis, god forbids.

In the context of student development, preparing for graduate employability during the COVID crisis is a fitting parallel to taking care of health before we get sick.

Let us get together to discuss how to do the important (taking steps to ensure graduate employability) so that we have a much better chance to eliminate the urgent (crisis of high graduate unemployment).

14 May 2020. See You there.


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