Deputy Director (from Jun 2010)

Institute of Sultan Iskandar for Urban Habitat and High Rise (or referred in short as ‘ISI’)

  • ISI is a registered company belonged to Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for sole purpose of intensifying research and consultancy through closed networking and working in concert with the industry players. A research-intensified consultancy driven by ISI would add value to our partner in the industry.
  • As an excellence center, ISI is consistently seeking new idea and solution that would contribute to the creation of sustainable urban living environment.


Centre for the Studies of Built Environment in the Malay World (or popularly known by its Malay acronym ‘KALAM’, i.e. Pusat Kajian Alam Bina Dunia Melayu)

  • from Jun 1991 to September 1996


  • Presented to UTM’s Senate the Proposal for Setting up KALAM as Centre of Excellence
  • With the blessing from UTM and Faculty, personally manage an urgent RM70,000.00 renovation works for KALAM within a period of 5 months.
  • Prepares the official visit from Her Royal Highness Sultanah of Johor dan Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji to KALAM in August-September 1996
  • Presenting KALAM’s Measured Drawing project to Her Highness Sultanah of Johor Visit to Faculty of Built Environment, at KALAM, 15 August 1996.
  • Presenting Kota Duyong project and Traditional Bugis House research project to Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji Visit to KALAM, at KALAM, 14 September 1996.
  • Promoting KALAM as the Centre of Excellence in the field of History and Theory in Traditional and Vernacular Architecture and Built Environment within the geo-physical boundary of the Malay World
  • Disseminates KALAM works to the masses by selling the Collection of Measured Drawing to institutions such library, museum, government agency, university, and associated organization
  • Promote KALAM as consultant in related field of Cultural Heritage and Architectural Conservation
  • Recipient of Rotary Club Malaysia Research Fellowship (received an award in the form of RM18,000/- research fund)

Co-Founder & First Chairman

  • Initiated the formation and prepared a working for the setting up of Council of Heads of Architecture Schools (COHAS)
  • Jointly with other Heads of Architecture Schools presented the proposal for setting up of COHAS to Majlis Dekan Alam Bina (Council of Deans of Faculties of Built Environment) on 6th April 2006.


  • Writing up of COHAS’s organizational criteria, procedure, ethics, rules and regulations.
  • Prepared and presented special proposal to Board of Architects Malaysia on 27th November 2008 to upgrade the existing architectural degree programme (equivalent to LAM Part II) to a professional Master degree.
  • Prepared and presented special research proposal titled ‘The phenomenon of IPTA’s architectural graduates – its implication on the profession and education’ to COHAS on 31 Mac 2009 for approval and to be submitted to Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) by Council of Accreditation and Architectural Programme Malaysia (CAAEM).
  • Prepared and played a role as facilitator in a special workshop titled ‘Bengkel Penyediaan Dokumen Hala Tuju Pendidikan Senibina Kebangsaan’, jointly organized by Majlis Dekan Alam Bina and COHAS at Flamingo Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, on 16-18th October 2009.