Congratulation “Dr.” Shah Rizal

The final submission of PhD thesis. Congrats to Dr. Shah Rizal. See you at this year Convocation…

Dr.Shah Rizal’s thesis is entitled ” Konfigurasi dan Peranan Surau Sebagai Pusat Ibadat di Kompleks Membeli Belah” translated as The configuration and Roles of ‘musollah’ as centre of ibadah in shopping complexes”.

It has been a long, fruitful journey for Shah Rizal. May Allah bless and guide you in the next phase of life.


7th Malaysia Architectural Study Tour

7th Malaysia Architectural Study Tour specially choreographed for staff and students from Kansas University, 3rd – 9th January 2020.

Unfortunately, I’d injured my leg and could only receive our honorable guests in Laman Menanti, UTM.

I believe, our ISIV team from KL, can handle them well through out their architectural study tour. And it seems, that Kansas Uni had a great time.