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About School of Mechanical, Faculty of Engineering, UTM | Saiful Anuar bin Abu Bakar, DDr.

About School of Mechanical, Faculty of Engineering, UTM


Vision of The Faculty

To become a world-class Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Mission of The Faculty

To develop the human resource required by the nation through training, development, dissemination of knowledge, research and consultancy.

Objectives of The Faculty

  • To develop quality human resource at undergraduate and post-graduate levels
  • To assist the industry through basic and applied research
  • To forge cooperative network with the industry in areas of mutual benefit
  • To disseminate knowledge through the publication of research papers, journals, books and reports
  • To develop its staff

Client’s Charter

Realizing that the main role of the faculty is developing human resources in the field of Mechanical Engineering to fulfill the needs of the country, university and society, we hereby pledge:-

  • to produce capable and ethical Mechanical Engineers;
  • to design and implement a world class curriculum recognized by the Professional bodies;
  • to provide efficient, ethical and professional staffs who are capable of executing quality academic and administrative tasks in a planned, orderly and controlled manner;
  • to provide suitable and conducive infrastructure for teaching and learning;
  • to be concerned of students self-development

Academic Programme

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) offers 4 accredited BEng programmes. All the undergraduate BEng programmes are Mechanical Engineering-based. Students spend the first two years taking the basic mechanical engineering courses and spend the last two years doing their specialization courses.

The faculty currently offers the following programmes:

  • Undergraduate Programmes:
  1. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
  2. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical – Materials)
  3. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical – Industrial)
  4. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical – Manufacturing)
  5. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical – Aeronautics)
  6. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical – Automotive)
  7. Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering)* Final Year Project (FYP)
  • Postgraduate Programmes