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Nano Kebangsaan 2015


A convention on nanotechnology “Nano Kebangsaan 2015” was held on 5th & 7th October 2015 in Shah Alam Convention Centre, Selangor. It is a collaborative effort of National Nanotechnology Directorate (NND) with Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, NanoMalaysia, SIRIM, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, GAPENA and Malaysia Nanotechnology Association. The 3-day convention was packed with various activities from exhibition, seminars to workshops about almost everything nanotechnology.

There was a workshop entitled ” International Workshop on electrospinning : Research, Management and Commercialization .” chaired by Prof. Dr. Jose Rajan on 6th & 7th October 2015. The workshop was launched by Prof. Dr. Jamil Bin Ismail , Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology, University Malaysia Pahang . About 100 researchers and industrialists from all over the country participated in the workshop. Several renowned scientist in the field of nanotechnology were invited to speak in the workshop including Prof. Dr. Ahmad Fauzi from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Prof. Dr.Seeram  Ramakrishna from National University of Singapore (NUS) , Prof. Dr. Sudesh Kumar from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and many others.

Prof Seeram talks about how electrospinning is helping us to live a longer life and how the technology contributes to better ways of life. Meanwhile, Associate Professor Dr. Leong Min Tze from USM talks about good bacteria grown in straw and we can drink it. One such popular brand is “Yakult “ which is the leader in the field of prebiotics. While Professor Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Ismail who has been the Founder and Head of Advanced Membrane Technology Research Center (AMTEC), talks about membrane. Prof. Dr. Fauzi shared his experience in scientific research and stresses about “teamwork.” Teamwork is very important in order to achieve best result in scientific research. One cannot complete the big project without others expertise and he urges all scientist to collaborate and cooperate for the mankind.

The aim of the workshop is to promote discussion and collaboration in nanotechnology including in the aspect of commercialisation, innovation, safety issues, innovation and development of technology. Those who participated in the workshop presented possibilities from different aspects and expertise as they were from diverse backgrounds – research institutes, industries, and consulting companies. The workshop was very successful and all expressed interest in exploring meaningful ways to collaborate in innovative projects.