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FBME Innovation Day 2016


On 15 March 2016, Faculty of Bioscience and Medical Engineering (FBME) organized Innovation Day 2016. The event was held at the foyer of the V01 building of IJN-UTM, Skudai.

The FBME Innovation Day was filled with various programs such as Research Product Showcase, Interactive Games and Innovation competition. The industry players in bioscience were invited to exhibit the latest innovations and products during the one-day event. The corporations that participated in the exhibition shared information on  current trends and future scientific research in bioscience and medical engineering. Speakers who are experts in innovation delivered speeches that inspire visitors especially students of FBME.

The Faculty of Bioscience and Medical Engineering organized the Innovation Day event with the purpose of inspiring the students in bioscience and medical engineering to explore and push the boundries of scientific research. It is hoped that such event will help to promote knowledge sharing between the industry players and the academia. Full participation from students, faculty members, innovation experts and the corporations have made this event a success. Kudos to the organizer!

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Foong Choi Yee









Name : Foong Choi Yee

– Bachelor’s Degree of Biomedical Engineering with Honour at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

– Now studying at Masters level in Biomedical Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

– Currently involves in biomaterial study project for tissue engineering and other medical applications

Foong Choi Yee
M.Phil Biomedical Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia