Bionanocomposite Film of Kappa-Carrageenan/Nanotube Clay: Growth of Hydroxyl Apatite and Model Drug Release










Abd Razak, S. I., Wahab, I. F.,


This paper reports for the first time the reinforcement of kappa-carrageenan (kCRG) with clay of halloysite nanotubes (HNT) as potential biomedical materials. The bionanocomposite film (kCRG/HNT) were successfully prepared having optimum tensile properties at 3%wt% of HNT. Morphological and surface analysis of the nanocomposite revealed excellent film formation and increase in surface roughness. Immersion of film is stimulated body fluid for 7 days resulted in growth of hydroxyl apatite particles with Ca/P ratio of 1.68. This is a good indication of bioactivity for possible template in bone tissue engineering. Swelling and methylene blue release experiment indicated possible drug delivery application due to stability of the kCRG matrix up to more than 20 days and delay release of model drug, respectively. This bioresource nanocomposite film has potential as a suitable biomedical material that requires mechanical integrity, bioactivity and drug released.