Reinforcement of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Hydrogel with Halloysite Nanotubes as Potential Biomedical Materials










S Azmi, SIA Razak, MRA Kadir, N Iqbal, R Hassan… – Soft Materials, 2016


This work reports the reinforcement of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) hydrogel with halloysite nanotubes (HNT) as potential biomedical materials. The nanocomposite hydrogel was prepared using the facile and harmless process of freeze-thawing. Mechanical properties of the hydrogels were optimum at 2 wt% of HNT loading. Morphological and topographic analysis of the PVA/HNT hydrogel revealed excellent filler dispersion and smoothing of surface due to good compatibility between the components. Immersion of the PVA/HNT hydrogel in simulated body fluid for 7 days resulted in the formation of fully covered apatite layers on the surface. This is a good indication of bioactivity for artificial cartilage material.

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