Research team from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM),  specifically  known as MediTeg, lead by Dr. Saiful Izwan Abd. Razak is one of the first group of researcher utilizing bioprinter to fabricate 3 dimensional (3D) organs and human tissue.  Recently reported in UTUSAN MALAYSIA newspaper  with title of ‘Mencetak organ’,Dr. Saiful Izwan Abd. Razak share a new alternative and technology in medicine and medical fields by printing organs and tissue using bioprinting.

This bioprinting technology offers opportunity to fabricating 3D organ and living tissue directly in the laboratory with functional anatomical structure and biological function .

“Modern bio printing with the aid of computer design and automatic printing technology can tailor made the fabrication of the organ. Most other techniques fails to produce this desired properties due to lack the capability computer design. This includes the effects of geometry/architecture on cell response, and for computer modeling of the organ’s behavior,’’ Dr. Saiful Izwan Abd. razak added.

more info: https://www.utusan.com.my/sains-teknologi/sains/mencetak-organ-1.427147

UTM facebook link : UTM FACEBOOK- mencetak organ

Blog: https://people.utm.my/saifulizwan/