1. Exploration of 3D printing for orthopaedic applications (Project Leader). International China Contract Research 2019.
  2. Investigation of the growth of bone ceramic on the surface of modified ramie fibers (Project Leader). Tier 2 2019.
  3. A closer look at potential of bamboo plant as bone tissue engineering material (Project Leader). Tier 2 2019.
  4. Advancement and exploration of electrospun nanofibers and additive manufacturing in healthcare and medical products (Project Leader). CRG 2018
  5. Evaluation of plant based dye for colouring of drug pill encapsulants and powder tablets (Project Leader). IIIG GUP 2018.
  6. Investigating the Effects of Citric Acid on the Biomimetic Hydroxyapatite Growth Ability of Bacterial Nanocellulose Hydrogel for Potential Articular Cartilage (Project Leader). UTM Shine 2017
  7. Investigation of potential plant based food dye for industrial food application (Project Leader). DG Global Contract Research 2017
  8. Investigation of bacterial cellulose as chronic wound healing materials. (Project Leader). Vigilenz Contract Research 2017
  9. Evaluation of Electrically Active Carrageenan Based Transdermal Patch Using Franz Diffusion Test. UTM Matching Grant 2017
  10. Surface interaction and biocompatibility study of pectin/nanocellulose scaffold derived from pineapple (ananas comosus) for potential tissue engineering application. TIER 2017
  11. Cell Laden Carrageenan/Polyethylene Glycol Hybrid Hyrdrogel Bioink towards 3D Bioprinting of Organoids. (Project Leader). FRGS 2016.
  12. Design and evaluation of artificial tissue and organ constructs fabricated using 3D bioprinter. (Project Leader). Birooni Saintifik Contract Research 2016.
  13. Development of Cardiovascular Patch using Electrospinning Process. (Project Leader) IJN Contract Research 2016.
  14. Mechanism for calcium carbonate biomineralization in the inner cavity of halloysite nanotubes (Project Member). FRGS 2016
  15. Bioink Development for 3D Bio Fabrication. (Project Leader) Birooni Saintifik Consultation Award 2015
  16. Biomaterial Development and Process Study of 3D Bioprinting Towards Vascular Grafts (Project Leader) Tier 1 2015
  17. Evaluation of Calcium Phosphate Growth on Kenaf Fibers for Potential Biomedical Applications. (Project Leader) PAS 2015
  18. Fabrication and Evaluation of Polylactic Acid/ Graphene Oxide Scaffolds via Freeze-Extraction Technique for Tissue Engineering (Project Leader) Tier 2 2015
  19. The effect of halogenated based ceramics on the degradation and bioactivity of biodegradable magnesium-based alloys. (Project Member) FRGS 2015
  20. Fabrication and Evaluation of Electroactive Polylactide/Polyaniline Composite Scaffold for Cardiac Tissue Engineering. (Project Member) Flagship 2014
  21. Development of biologically friendly low-energy pulsed electrical field packaging from pineapple agro-waste for horticultural products. (Project Member) Tier 1 2014
  22. Conductive Kraft Paper Based on Kenaf/Polyaniline Biofibers for Electrostatic Sensitive Devices Packaging. (Project Member) PRGS 2014.

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