Exercise 2

Test yourself with these questions.


1- A rugby player suffered a knee injury when he was tackled. Identify the joint involved and all movement made by this joint. List all joints categorized according to structure and functions. Give an example where these joints could be found.


2- A race-car driver crashed and slipped into a coma. The doctors put him on a mechanical ventilator to help him breath. Why does he need helps in his breathing? Explain the process of respiration. How does a mechanical ventilator helps unconscious person breath?


3- A young female was admitted into the hospital with abdominal pain and vaginal bleed. Earlier that month, she was tested positive for pregnancy using a home pregnancy kit. The doctors later diagnosed her of having ectopic pregnancy. Explain what does this mean. How should a normal pregnancy be? Identify the process involved in ovulation that ends with a successful pregnancy.


4- A strong swimmer was doing his usual swimming routine in an outside pool after a cold frosty night. He eventually suffers hypothermia. Explain what does this mean. What are the symptoms of hypothermia and what are the cause of these symptoms?



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