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Current PhD Candidates under Supervision

PhD and Masters Students Graduated

Total Grants Received in 2018 (RM)

Total Number Publications in 2018

1. Current Grant: Transdicipline Research Grant UTM

Title of Program:


Program Leader: Prof Ts Dr Salwani Mohd Daud

5 Projects under this programs are:

1. Secure and Scalable Decentralized Sharing of Medical Data using Blockchain Technology – (Leader: Prof Ts Dr Salwani Mohd Daud)

2. Restructuring of the Medical Data for Blockchain-based Decentralized Sharing – (Leader: Ts Dr Suriani Mohd Sam)

3. Decentralized Sharing of Medical Data for Consultation among Healthcare Professionals – (Leader: Ts Dr Hafiza Abas)

4. Acceptance among Health Professionals and Return on Investment of Decentralized Sharing of Medical Data – (Leader: Assoc Prof Dr Siti Zaleha Abdul Rashid)

5.  Data protection policy for Secured and Decentralized Sharing of Medical Data – (Leader: Dr Muhammad Fathi Yusuf)

2. Current Grant RUG UTM

Project Title:

Defence Mechanism Reliable Low Area Defense Mechanism Against Machine Learning Modeling Attacks On Physical Unclonable Function For IoT Authentication

Current Areas under Research:

1. Blockchain

2. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

3. IoT

4. Security in Embedded Systems

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