Grants for R&D

Grants received 2017 – present

No. Role Sponsor Agency Category of Sponsor Title of The project Amount Vot No. Duration Status
1 Project Leader TDR UTM Government Secured and Decentralized Sharing of Smart Healthcare RM235,000 1 Dec 2018 – 30 Nov 2021 Active
2 Project Leader RUG UTM Government Defence Mechanism Reliable Low Area Defense Mechanism Against Machine Learning Modeling Attacks On Physical Unclonable Function For IoT Authentication RM50,000 Q.K130000.2538.19H12 1 Feb 2018 – 31 Jan 2020 Active
3 Project Leader CWGS MOHE National


Space-Time Equivalence: Scheduling Of Water Samples For River Water Quality Monitoring RM10,000 R.K130000.7838.4L401 1 Nov 2016– 31 Dec 2017 Completed
4 Project Leader RUG UTM

Tier 1

Government Wireless Sensors Data Acquisition And Analysis Using Ubiquitous Mobile Scada For Precise And Timely Flood Alert RM50,000 Q.K130000.2538.11H85 15 Nov 2015 – 14 Nov 2017 Completed