Completed Projects

  1. A New Algorithm of Tolerant Rough Set Approximation for Web Caching Performance and Architecture (Vote 4F026), Researcher, Jan 2011-Dec 2012, MOHE (FRGS), National, RM70,500.
  2. Adopting A K-Community Model Towards A Sustainable And Holistic Advancement In Rural Education (Share), Researcher, Nov 2011 – Oct 2012, (Research University Grant, RUG), University, RM50,000.
  3. Development of An Integrated Adaptive Web Caching and Prefetching (Pre-Caching) in Mobile Application (Vote 79330), Project Leader, Dec 2008 – Nov 2010, MOSTI (SF), National, RM 136,000.
  4. Human Memory System as Artificial Life For Web Browser Caching (Vote 79311), Researcher, Nov 2008 – Oct 2010, MOSTI (SF), National, RM142,800.
  5. A Classification and Visualization Approach for Knowledge Management (KM-ClaVis) of a Software Engineering Interest Group (Project No. 01-01-05-SF0425), Researcher, Oct 2008 – June 2010, MOSTI (SF), National, RM113,700.
  6. Artificial Life Neural Network Caching For Adaptive Hypermedia Learning System (Vote 79101), Project Leader, Dec 2006- June 2008, MOSTI (SF), National, RM82,497
  7. Agent Based Language Identification Tools For Web Documents Using Machine Learning Algorithms (Vote 79089), Researcher, 2007-2008, MOSTI (SF), National, RM139,500
  8. Rough-PSO Discretization for Granular Feature Selection (Vote 78184), Researcher, 2007-2008, MOHE (FRGS), National, RM100,000
  9. Development Of A Reference Model For Reusable Learning Objects Repository Of A Programming Education Learning System (Vote 79100), Researcher, 2007-2008, MOSTI (SF), National, RM143,520
  10. Network Routing by Mobile Agents for Image Retrieval Using Fuzzy Genetic Algorithms (Vote 75077), Researcher, 1/2005-12/2005, MOSTI (FR), National, RM25,000
  11. The Study of Students Self-Assessment Using Intelligent Decision Classification (IDC) (Vote 75057), Project Leader, 1/2004-12/2004, MOHE (FR), National, RM15,000
  12. Design and Development of GIS Spatial Data using Tile Tree Method for Transmission and Visualization through the Web (Vote 74138), Researcher, 2003-2005, MOSTI (IRPA), National, RM119,000
  13. Developing a Model of an Intelligent Distance Learning System (Vote 72156), Researcher, 1999-2000, MOSTI (IRPA), National.