Current Projects

  1. Interactive Public Situated Displays and Intelligent Mobile Web Pre-Caching in Knowledge Oriented Digital University Framework, Project Leader, April 2013- March 2014, Flagship Project, Future University, University, RM30,000.
  2. The Augmented Social Network (ASN) Benchmark for Web Pre-caching on Solving Trust, Accuracy and Expectation Problems (Vote 03H00), Project Leader, May 2012- Apr 2014, UTM (Research University Grant, RUG), University, RM80,000.
  3. Enhancement of Collaborative Learning Assessment using Social Network Analysis and Clustering Technique, Reseacher, July 2012-June 2014, MOHE (Exploratory Research Grant Scheme, ERGS), National, RM70,000.
  4. Ke Arah Kelestarian Pembangunan Pendidikan Luar Bandar Melalui Lembaga Kemajuan Johor Tenggara (KEJORA) dan Centre For Advancement In Rural Education Informatics (iCARE) (Vote J130000.7328.4B059), Researcher, May 2012-May 2013, KEJORA, National.
  5. Predictive Analytic Tools for Innovative Digital Economy Environment (LRGS/TD/2011/UKM/ICT/03), Researcher, August 2011-July 2014, MOHE (Long Term Research Grant, LRGS), National.