Capstone Project of the day

To my Capstone project student. Thanks for your work on the multiSIM.

Practice makes perfect, thus do more of the circuit drawings (try and error).

KLESF 2017 – STEM Mentor-Mentee Program

UTM Razak School and MJIIT made their presence felt at the Kuala Lumpur Engineering and Science Fair which was held at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC). This is the first time we participated in such events and we … [Continue reading]

Constructing assessments

By PM. Dr. Naziha, how to construct exams, tests etc... … [Continue reading]

Classroom Management – My Rule Of Thumb

I want my classroom to have these qualities: Motivated Disciplined Respected   … [Continue reading]

Managing Teaching and Learning by PM. Fatimah Puteh

Components of pedagogy consists of lecturers, students, contents and objectives. Lecturers have to optimize the usage of tools in order to maximize the students learning outcome. … [Continue reading]

SPPT – Day 3 (Constructive Alignment Teaching and Learning (T & L))

We have been enlighten by the closed loop of our T & L which includes Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) and Assessment method … [Continue reading]

Raspberry Pi project in UTM, Razak School

We have introduced Razak School at the KL Raspberry Pi, 2015. It was a first attempt by Razak School. We really looking forward to be part of Raspberry Pi activities in Malaysia. … [Continue reading]

Exploring WordPress

Does this determine our work? … [Continue reading]


Discovered a platform to promote our activities. Hooray!! … [Continue reading]

Trip to NUS

Official Trip to NUS with TNCP of UTM … [Continue reading]