Invited Speaker @ ICoMSE 2019

Alhamdulillah.. I was invited to deliver a talk about OLE and IoT in an international conference organized by Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia as Invited Speaker..

As I have urgent academic matter that need my full attention here in Malaysia, the organizer had made it via Skype..

Thank you Universitas Negeri Malang for the invitation and recognition..

Looking for New PhD or Master Students in 2019

Year 2018 is the magnificent year for my academic career. I had graduated nine postgraduate students, which 3 of them are PhD.

Therefore, I invite any future student to pursue postgraduate in Educational Technology under my supervision either as main supervisor of co-supervisor. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

My Students Graduated in 2018

Alhamdulillah.. 3 PhD students were graduated in 2018 and 4 master graduated in 2018..

Another 2 master students are waiting for viva.. Might make it 6 master graduates this year.